Video #143(スクリプト)| たった一言の英語で外国人に話しかけて喜んでもらう!褒め言葉

There’s no sun! PERFECT!!


You want to talk to foreigners, but talking to them feels a little bit strange.

Won’t they think I’m weird?

I normally don’t talk to anyone. Why would I do it now?

Talking to strangers at first can seem really scary and can seem very unnatural, because, most of the time, people try to talk to people in unnatural ways.

We only talk with someone when we have something in common with them or we have a reason to talk to them. The same is true for friends or people we don’t know.

That’s why it feels unnatural starting conversations with strangers. You know nothing about then, there’s no reason to talk with them.

But if you have something in common with them or you have a reason to talk with them,  even if they’re strangers, it’s very natural to talk to them.

I’ve covered topics like this in other videos, and I want to share with you one other way that you can talk to foreigners in Japan.

All you need to do is compliment them! Say something nice about them, or something that they have.

You can compliment someone based on their clothes, their pet, or something they’re drawing or making

Now, I know what you’re thinking: This feels really strange, and you don’t really do it in Japan. Why would you do it when you’re talking to foreigners?

To be honest, I thought this was kind of weird, too. And I didn’t do it a lot.

But I noticed something really strange.

After living in Japan for a long time, I went back to Boston with my wife.

And I was surprised: A lot of strangers that I had never talked to before would come up and compliment my wife or me, based on our clothes or something about us.

They didn’t try to do anything strange. They just wanted to be positive.

This was especially strange for me, because my hometown Boston is known for having a lot of cold, and actually rude, people.

You can compliment someone to start a conversation with them, or just be a little positive and overcome your fear of talking with foreigners

One thing I want to mention:

Women complimenting women,

Men complimenting men,

And women complimenting men is pretty natural,

But men complimenting women can be seen as ナンパ sometimes, so please be careful.

So when you want to connect with a foreigner and talk to them by complimenting them, you can follow these simple patterns:


If you really like it, you can say:


And that’s it! Like I said, the other person will just be happy, and you don’t need to feel pressure to continue the conversation with them.

But if you want to continue the conversation with them, what should you do?

You can find out in my special email course.

In this email course, you’re going to learn how to talk and have conversations with foreigners you see in Japan naturally, even if you don’t speak English very well

To sign up you can click up here, or you can click the link in the description box below.

Until next time, enjoy your English adventures, bye!

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